Tuesday, June 14, 2011

I Really Don't Want to Do This!

These past few weeks have been so hard. EVERYTHING is in limbo...our housing, jobs, things at church. Then there is the behavioral stuff...mine, Jonah's, Jon's (which seems to have settled somewhat), Leah, even Trinity.
And if that's not enough- add my mom. The good news today was that over the weekend she had improved enough to go to rehab versus a nursing home. Looks like she will be moved to Gateway today.
Really it just makes for a very angry mommy. Everything makes me mad. I feel like I could sleep for weeks. I want the house clean, I want closure on this house, I want the fleas to miraculously jump off the cats, 2 of them to find a home somewhere else and while that miracle is being worked I want some type of consistent income  that doesn't have me away from the kids 40+ hours a week that we can live off of. I can't stand to be around them right now and can't bear to be separated. I think all this is summed up in "I NEED A BREAK!"
But I need to come up with $1200 for the attorney, need to get the blue van sold, need to seriously find a way to de-flea 4 cats that I can't let outside because of the neighbors or in the house with the fleas, the house packed, the Realtor needs paperwork, totally clean the boys' room, find another place to live, brakes for the van, parent the kids, mess up the kids, fix the kids, deal with the food card & medical card issues for Jonah, Leah's braces, her license, a vehicle, her working, senior year, and now a serious day in my life moment- the belly button ring! ...AAAAAHHHHH!!!!

I just needed to vent...thank you.


  1. I wrote this then check my dear friend's blog and the one that was put in my face was "renewed trust" at 317 Zephaniah Way.
    Thank you God!

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