Tuesday, June 14, 2011

I Really Don't Want to Do This!

These past few weeks have been so hard. EVERYTHING is in limbo...our housing, jobs, things at church. Then there is the behavioral stuff...mine, Jonah's, Jon's (which seems to have settled somewhat), Leah, even Trinity.
And if that's not enough- add my mom. The good news today was that over the weekend she had improved enough to go to rehab versus a nursing home. Looks like she will be moved to Gateway today.
Really it just makes for a very angry mommy. Everything makes me mad. I feel like I could sleep for weeks. I want the house clean, I want closure on this house, I want the fleas to miraculously jump off the cats, 2 of them to find a home somewhere else and while that miracle is being worked I want some type of consistent income  that doesn't have me away from the kids 40+ hours a week that we can live off of. I can't stand to be around them right now and can't bear to be separated. I think all this is summed up in "I NEED A BREAK!"
But I need to come up with $1200 for the attorney, need to get the blue van sold, need to seriously find a way to de-flea 4 cats that I can't let outside because of the neighbors or in the house with the fleas, the house packed, the Realtor needs paperwork, totally clean the boys' room, find another place to live, brakes for the van, parent the kids, mess up the kids, fix the kids, deal with the food card & medical card issues for Jonah, Leah's braces, her license, a vehicle, her working, senior year, and now a serious day in my life moment- the belly button ring! ...AAAAAHHHHH!!!!

I just needed to vent...thank you.

Our Renaissance Adventure

Studying knights & castles has definitely been interesting. I decided to take the kids to the Kentucky Renaissance Festival on June 11th, when I could get Jon in free, along with Trinnie & Jonah, by bringing a canned good. We loaded up the van- see how much Thirty-One I use?

We headed to a campground one exit up from LaGrange and only a few miles from the Festival. It was gorgeous there. Alot of the campground was taken up with people who lived there all the time- or at least enough they felt the need to build decks around their RV's. We were in a tent, that will be important in just a minute. Here's the view from our spot by the lake. Breath taking isn't it?

It was a beautiful evening until about midnight when the wind picked up. Enough to wake me up, which says quite a bit when I have 3 sleeping babies and they aren't moving a muscle. Thank goodness for weather apps! We were in for gusts up to 40 mph and scattered thunderstorms. Well, the wind continued through the night so severely that I had to get up several times to re-stake the tent. That's pretty drastic considering all that we had in there and I had moved most of it around the corners to keep it weighted. All the time the wind is going it's also lightening- no rain, just spectacular lightening. And thunder, which the kids continued to sleep through. Jon is normally afraid of storms so his undisturbed rest is still a mystery to me! Along about 5am I woke up, not even realizing I dozed off. It was calm. Not in good way. I got a bad feeling and decided to act on it. Now have I mentioned that Leah was being a total turd and had slept in the van? Well, she got a rude awakening when I jumped in and started it. I pulled it as close to the tent as I could per Trinnie's suggestion. She had woken up just a few seconds after I did. Once the van was in position I woke the boys and had all 3 make a jump into the van. The heavens burst and the rain just poured! The wind picked up again and the tent started flapping like crazy- I never even stopped- I just started emptying the tent, throwing things like crazy into the van. I figured if it blew away it wasn't taking any of my stuff! Blankets and all were shoved and piled on kids. In about 60 seconds I was done, van doors shut and we sat for the next hour watching the sheets of rain pound the windshield and rock the van. After the storm finally blew over we made a restroom break then headed to McD's- someplace dry and didn't require a camp fire with wet wood.
After breakfast we made it back to the campground, showered and prepared for our day at the festival. It was sunny & beautiful! We browsed the shops, saw a couple shows and the best part~ the jousting! See more...