Sunday, June 19, 2011

Fatherless Father's Day

This ride we're on is full of ups and downs and even today is no exception. For Father's Day I was bombarded last week by my mother-in-law asking if there was anything the kids wanted to pass along to Jon for Father's Day. I told her that I wasn't bringing it up and upsetting them just to give him a message. They would have been completely clueless if I hadn't gone to church this morning. Of course everything there centered around Father's Day. Add 3 kids who haven't seen their father in almost 6 months and it's all headed for disaster. I will spare everyone the details.
After church Leah headed to Kings Island on a special cheap day as a guest with Cornerstone's youth group. The little ones and I headed to the Chinese Mall for a special lunch then I surprised them with taking them to see Kung Fu Panda 2. Again, not the best choice for today. Po struggles through the movie with his family and his adopted dad. It ends with him coming home to hug the daddy goose. Really wish I had known...
The bright spots of the day is we got Jon a pair of water proof hiking boots in preparation for Day camp this week. And something that can't go with out mentioning... the blessing of today...the music minister at Cornerstone, Jeff, had a "small' stroke this week. He was at church leading worship today. He sang a song about praising God. Beautiful, heart wrenching & moving coming from him. I know I will take the rest of today and every Father's Day praying for my kids hearts and showing them as best I can that their Heavenly Father is always there for them, even when human fathers (and on bad days, mothers) fail. I'm not perfect, but so thankful for the love of One who is.

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