Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Boys Stand Up to Pee

    When I found out I was pregnant with Leah, I prayed and prayed that I would have a girl. I just didn't feel capable to raise a boy on my own. One of the happiest days  in my life was seeing that ultrasound and knowing I was having a little girl and that she didn't have a cleft palate. Fast forward almost 16 years and here I am a single mom, not only to my precious Leah, but also to Trinity & of course the two boys- Jon & Jonah.
    The other day I was sitting at the computer desk in our front room and hear what was obviously more than one child in the bathroom around the corner. I was about to yell my usual, "One in the bathroom at a time!", when Jon's voice says, "You know you can stand up to pee, right, Jojo?" Knowing this was going to be good, I just listened. Jon continued to tell Jonah how to pull his pants down, where to stand, where to aim (which scares me a little), how to shake & flush. I was impressed, especially since Jon typically isn't the most helpful child in the universe. Jonah has now mastered the peeing standing up process, within 2 months of potty training. I've had to clean the bathroom much more frequently these past few days, but as a mom knowing how the mess came to be, I don't mind. I'm proud of my boys this week and thank God that He gave Jonah a "man" to teach him this ultimate passage into boyhood, even if it was his 7 year old brother. 

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